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Affordable and Sentimental Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Every year my siblings and I exchange names for Christmas. There is a set amount of how much we can spend, and each person creates a list of ideas for their secret Santa. I love gift giving. Mostly because I enjoy spending time thinking about something unique and special for a person I love.

This year, COVID has really shown me how important my family is to me. It has also been a year for tight budgets. While I want to give something meaningful, I don’t want to break the bank for either myself or the loved one who drew my name.

Perhaps this is how you are feeling, too. If so, I thought I’d provide a list of gifts ideas for book lovers that are affordable and filled with love and thoughtfulness.

Handmade Items

If you are crafty, making something for a love one can be very special. Here are a few bookish ideas:

  • Crochet a cup cozy

  • Bookmarks DIY (ideas)

  • Book Art – repurpose an old book into an art project

  • DIY Candle Teacup (how-to)

  • Frame a quote from their favorite book – find discounted frames at the craft store or repurpose one from the thrift store.


Beautiful bookmarks are the way to a book lover’s heart. Here are some beautiful affordable handmade options on Etsy.

  • Personalized Bookmarks

  • Bookmarks with book quotes on them

  • Bookmarks made out of fun materials like wood, metal, pressed flowers and ribbons.

Books (used or new)

Here are some ways to make book gifts feel personal:

  • Pick a book where the main character positively represents your loved one.

  • Give a book where the main character’s relationship reminds you of your mutual relationship.

  • Give them your all-time favorite book and let them know why you loved it.

  • A blank journal that is fun to hold and look at with a note from you inside.

Written Gifts

If you are a handy with the pen, here are some ideas:

  • Write them a letter about how important they are to you.

  • Dedicate a poem you wrote to them.

  • Find a poem you love that reminds you of them or your relationship with them.

Cozy Reading Items

Anything to set the mood for reading will satisfy a book lover.

  • Make a cozy reading music play list.

  • A candle in their favorite scent.

  • A fluffy blanket.

  • Coffee or tea cup that is fun to hold and look at.

  • A pair of fuzzy socks.

  • Favorite coffee grounds or tea leaves.

These gift options will create a meaningful surprise for that sentimental or romantic book lover in your life. If you have more ideas to share? Please contact me at


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