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B. E. "Be" Padgett

150 Word Bio

B. E. Padgett is a poet and children’s author in the Pacific Northwest. She was a student affair professional at Everett Community College before pursuing her passion for writing and storytelling. She graduated with a B. A. in English: Professional and Creative Writing at Central Washington University. She was editor-in-chief at Manastash Literary Journal and event coordinator for Poetry Northwest.

Growing up in a loud and chaotic family of eight inspired her to create stories about sibling connections and challenges. Although she enjoys many things in life, she considers being an auntie one of her biggest joys. She is best known for her middle grade fantasy series The Reeds of West Hills.


Her hobbies include crocheting stuffed animals, dress up tea parties, graphic design, illustration, whistling and reading.

50 Word Bio

B.E. Padgett is an indie children’s author from the Pacific Northwest. Before pursuing her passion for writing and storytelling, she worked as a student affairs professional in higher education. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from Central Washington University. She is an avid tea drinker and loving auntie.

Press Photos

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Wanting Impossible

Meet "Be" Padgett

In third grade, my teacher made me stand in front of class and read out loud. I failed horribly. Not because I was nervous, but because I couldn’t read.

For several grades, I faked reading by memorizing the look and meaning of words. I knew letters had sounds, but I struggled to put them together correctly. Instead, I relied on sight words and my memory to keep me afloat in school. And it worked for a while… but reading only became harder as I got older.

Some things seem so challenging, they appear to be impossible.

It felt like I would never learn how to read. Then one day my younger sister was sounding out a word I didn’t know and I realized… I wanted it. I wanted more than anything to understand how to read.

At age ten, words and sounds finally came together for me and I didn’t hate reading. In fact, I adored it.

When you adore something there is no portion control. I was like a starving monster released, devouring multiple books a day. I was surviving on stories and reading them wasn’t enough. I wanted to write them, dissect them, make them become reality.

When I finished high school, I was ready to embark on my career path and started taking courses at a community college to finish an associate degree in written arts. I wanted to work with books, whether I was writing, editing, or part of the publishing process.

Of course, our dreams and goals can get sidetracked and after finishing my first degree, I took a detour into graphic design, then a full-time job working in student affairs. The next thing I knew, I was ten years into a career which was rewarding and spontaneous, but not my dream. I enjoyed it… but I didn’t adore it.

I never stopped writing, reading, or desiring my dream, but when you have the weight of ten years’ experience doing something completely different, there is fear attached. Maybe I’m too late? How do I get back to what I adore–to what feeds my soul?

Like reading, this new challenge seemed impossible for me.

I had to want to read. I needed to give it my time and attention, work on and imagine myself at the end goal. To make seemingly impossible things become reality, I had to want it.

So I left my career, self-published two children’s novels and went back to school to finish my B. A. in English: Professional and Creative Writing. I’m following that dream even though it can feel scary and sometimes impossible.

I want it. Just as I wanted to understand reading and, in the end, I understood myself.

Professional CV


  • B. A. in Professional and Creative Writing (March 2022) – Central Washington University

  • Associate of Arts and Sciences (June 2020) – Everett Community College

  • Associates of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (June 2010) – Everett Community College

  • Associates of Fine Arts in Written Arts (June 2008) – Everett Community College


  • The Guardian of Whispers – The Reeds of West Hills (February 1, 2023)

  • The Secrets of Arkaim - The Reeds of West Hills (September 1, 2023)


  • Event Coordinator – (Aug 2022-Current) – Poetry Northwest

  • Editing and Lead Designer – Manastash Literary Journal 2021 – Central Washington University

  • Program Manager – (2012-October 2020) – Everett Community College

  • Production Supervisor – Student Life Publicity Services (2009-2011) – Everett Community College

  • Editing and Designer – Vibrations Art Magazine 2010 – Everett Community College


  • President’s Scholar 2022 College of Arts and Humanities – Central Washington University

  • You Made a Difference Award (2020) – Everett Community College

  • Leadership Academy Graduate (2017) – Everett Community College

  • Outstanding Organization of the Year: Publicity Services (2010) – Everett Community College


  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs (2023)

  • Poetry Northwest Summer Fall Issue Launch (August 2022)

  • Manastash Literary Journal Debut Reading (May 2021) – Poet Introduction/Video Editor

  • Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series: Victoria Chang (May 2021)

  • Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series: De’Shawn Charles Winslow (April 2021)

  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs (2019)

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (Member since 2019)

  • Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest (2023)



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