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The Guardian of Whispers Book Cover

The Guardian of Whispers

The Reeds of West Hills Book 1

Not long into fifth grade, ten-year-old twins Frank and Jon Reed undergo extraordinary changes: Frank starts reading minds. Jon sees the future. But their new gifts come at a steep cost. The voices whispering in Frank's head won't stop. He can't sleep or even think. Horrifying nightmares plague Jon...


The Secrets of Arkaim

The Reeds of West Hills Book 2

Get ready for the Zodiac Games! West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted is buzzing with excitement as the much-anticipated competition approaches, and 11-year-old gifted twins Jon and Frank Reed are eager to compete. That is… if the judges can decide on the rules. The boys will need to use all their gifts and knowledge to help Aries house win the coveted title of Zodiac champions. But the competition is not the only game being played at West Hills...

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