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Everyone likes to play games... but no one likes to be played.


The Secrets of Arkaim

The Reeds of West Hills Book 2

Author: B. E. Padgett
Series: The Reeds of West Hills
Genre: Juvenile Fantasy and Adventure

Age Rating: 9-12 years
Imprint: Emerald Forest Books
Publication Year: 2023

LCCN: 2022910457


ISBN: 979-8-9861629-2-8


ISBN: 979-8-9861629-5-9

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"Young readers will be drawn to this story of twin boys who use their powers to face evil, yet have all the support they need from intelligent, warm teachers and friends." - BookLife Reviews, Editor's Pick. See Full Review


Jon and Frank, want nothing more than to win West Hills Zodiac Games but sneaky rules, ancient artifacts, and one creepy shadow may beat them all.

West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted is buzzing with excitement as the much-anticipated competition approaches, and 11-year-old gifted twins Jon and Frank Reed are eager to compete. That is… if the judges can decide on the rules.


The boys will need to use all their gifts and knowledge to help Aries house win the coveted title of Zodiac champions. But the competition is not the only game being played at West Hills.


A mysterious shadow figure is haunting Jon while he sleeps and trying to tempt him down a dark path.


Something even more sinister is happening to the young telepathy students. When his classmates begin suffering from dangerous outbursts of fear and paranoia, Frank worries he could be next.


Will Frank’s fear and Jon’s secrets prevent them from uncovering the truth? It’s a race to solve these mysteries before someone gets hurt… or worse.


The Secrets of Arkaim is the second book in the Reeds of West Hills series.

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