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Not every question
wants to be answered.


An Oracle's Handbook

The Reeds of West Hills Book 3

Author: B. E. Padgett
Series: The Reeds of West Hills
Genre: Juvenile Fantasy and Adventure

Age Rating: 9-12 years
Imprint: Emerald Forest Books
Publication Year: 2024

LCCN: 2024908235


ISBN: 979-8-9861629-6-6


ISBN: 979-8-9861629-7-3

Presale: September 1, 2024

There is something hidden at West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted... but surrounded by watchful eyes and new threats do Jon and Frank dare to unmask the truth? Who can they trust?


When a new superintendent mysteriously arrives at West Hills, 12-year-old twins Jon and Frank Reed find themselves drawn into a world of secrets and conspiracies.

Jon becomes obsessed with uncovering the question: can someone have more than one perceptual gift? He is determined to discover the answer even if it means making sacrifices along the way.

Frank’s telepathy abilities surge after his chilling encounter with the Arkaim artifacts. Despite his attempts to bury the incident, the strange power calls to him. Should he trust it enough to follow, or will it consume him completely?

Missing files, hushed conversations, and cryptic messages all point to one place for answers—Unity City, the capital of the Society of the Perceptually Gifted. Are Jon and Frank ready to unlock the truth in a society that cherishes their secrets?

An Oracle’s Handbook is the third book in the middle-grade fantasy series The Reeds of West Hills.

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