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Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Diverse Kid Books

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When I was young, my shelf contained books such as the Secret Garden, Black Beauty, and Ella Enchanted. While these stories were great, it was rare that I read books with my parents about characters who were not white.

As an auntie, I noticed that authors of color and diverse character representation was missing from my own bookshelves. This personal reflection made me realize I needed to prioritize diverse representation and literature for my family.

Children’s books are crucial in the development of the kids in our lives. Often, we read these stories to children over and over again. These stories help frame the way kids see others, themselves, and the world. White kids need to see diversity in books and kids of colors need to see themselves on the page.

Twitter has dozens of educational resources for parents and teachers that share books, articles, guidebooks, and recommendations for diverse stories. Here are my favorite kid’s literature Twitter feeds.

KidLit TV KidLit TV creates engaging videos. I personally enjoy their “Read Out Loud” series that features authors sharing and reading their picture books. These videos are done well and can be shared with any child in your life. They post easy one-click links to their website’s fun educational content that is free to parents, teachers, and librarians. Bolton Library Teens This librarian from Bolton, Maine is sharing top notch content on YA book news. If you want to get a pulse on equity, inclusion, and social justice in the book industry, their Twitter feed is great list to start with. They focus their diverse book recommendations for teens and preteens. School Library Journal School Library Journal (SLJ) is one of the largest reviewers of children’s literature. I love their themed book recommendation lists. On their Twitter feed you’ll find detailed reviews for kids and YA books. Another thing I enjoy about their content is their support of libraries, librarians and reading confidence for kids of all ages. Penguin Young Readers School & Library Penguin Young Readers School and Library works with both Penguin Kids and Penguin Teens. What I enjoy about their Twitter is the variety of fun and educational books that kids and teens could find at school or the library. They also post author interviews, educational guides, and resources for teachers, parents, and librarians.


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